Workshop on Short Poetry Writing (Age 14 and above)

short poetry writing workshop

Workshop Description:

Learner’s Studio presents a transformative 2-day Short Poetry Writing Workshop tailored to your needs. Explore the art of concise expression, refine your poetic voice, and embrace creative versatility. Our customizable sessions offer in-depth guidance, fostering your ability to craft impactful verses. Unlock the power of brevity, and emerge with a collection of polished short poems. Elevate your poetic journey with us.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1: Exploring Short Poetry Forms

  • Session 1: Introduction to Short Poetry Forms
  • Session 2: Crafting Haiku and Tanka
  • Session 3: Discovering Senryu and Micropoetry

Day 2: Refining and Experimenting with Short Poetry Forms

  • Session 4: Exploring Cinquain and Etheree
  • Session 5: Playing with Acrostics and Limericks
  • Session 6: Collaborative and Experimental Short Forms
  • Session 7: Editing and Polishing Short Poetry
  • Session 8: Sharing and Showcasing Short Poetry

Participants will engage in writing exercises, group discussions, and collaborative activities throughout the workshop. They will receive guidance and feedback from the instructor and peers to help them explore and master various short poetry forms. By the end of the two days, participants should have a collection of short poems showcasing different forms and techniques.

*The learner can select the entire workshop or specific modules based on their requirements.