Workshop on Creativity in Daily Writing (Age 18 and above)

Workshop on Creativity in Daily Writing 18+

Workshop Description:

This workshop is designed to nurture creativity and inspire  adults in their daily writing practice. Over two days, participants will engage in immersive activities and writing exercises to explore various aspects of creative writing. Each day, the workshop will run for three hours, allowing for focused exploration and personal growth.


Day 1:

Session 1: Exploring Creativity in Writing

Session 2: Igniting Inspiration

Session 3: Character Development

Day 2:

Session 4: Crafting Engaging Plots

Session 5: Crafting Vivid Settings

Session 6: Refining Writing Style

*The learner can select the entire workshop or specific modules based on their requirements.

Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.

–  Albert Einstein