Our Lovely Team

Welcome to our extraordinary team of trainers! We’re not your average bunch of academics and experts; we’re a group of knowledge enthusiasts with a twist. Our team comprises seasoned professors and industry wizards who have spent over two decades honing their expertise. But here’s the fun part: we’re not here to bore you with textbook jargon or regurgitate stale information. No, siree! We’re here to shake things up and deliver the change you’ve been craving. With our highly personalized approach, we’ll whisk you away on a magical learning journey that’s as real-world as it gets. Say hello to our dream team, ready to revolutionize your learning experience!

Dr. Vidya Premkumar - Learner's studio
Deepa Jaydev - Learner's Studio trainer our team
Trainer - Learner's Studio

Dr. Vidya Premkumar

Dr. Vidya Premkumar has 22 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, teaching at prestigious institutes like Mithibai College, NMIMS and K J Somaiya Engineering College. She is a certified trainer in soft skills and has wide experience in training students for public speaking, group discussion, debating and presentation skills. She is also a published poet with two poetry collections and was awarded the Emily Dickson Award for poetry. 

Ms. Deepa Jaydev

Deepa Jaydev has 15 years of experience as an educator in a prestigious college’s undergraduate courses in Philosophy and Soft Skills. She is the English Philosophical consultant at NPCA, USA. She also conducts Healing sessions through Reiki, Crystal and Aroma therapies. She has conducted sessions on various modules of soft skills, including Public Speaking, for 15 years.

Rishi Dutta

Rishi Dutta has 12 years of experience as a communication professional working across Marketing, PR, and Business Development domains with renowned organizations in India and the UK. As an experienced communication skills trainer, he has helped individuals and groups improve their presentation and public speaking skills, and achieve language proficiency for tests like IELTS and PTE. He has also collaborated with schools to develop communication skill foundation courses and supported NGOs in managing training programs for underprivileged children.