Course in Creativity in Daily Writing (Age 18+)

Course in Creativity in Daily Writing 18+

Course Description:

This course is designed to nurture creativity and cultivate writing skills in adults aged 18 and above. Through a series of immersive sessions and practical exercises, participants will delve into various aspects of creative writing, focusing on developing a consistent writing practice. The course consists of 12 sessions, which can be scheduled on weekends or twice a week to accommodate participants’ busy schedules.


Session 1: Introduction to Creativity in Writing

Session 2: Igniting Inspiration

Session 3: Character Development

Session 4: Crafting Compelling Plots

Session 5: Crafting Authentic Dialogue

Session 6: Creating Evocative Settings

Session 7: Exploring Genre and Style

Session 8: Exploring Poetry and Prose

Session 9: Editing and Revision

Session 10: Publishing and Building a Writing Routine

Session 11: Experimenting with Narrative Techniques

Session 12: Culminating Project and Reflection

*The learner can select the entire course or specific modules based on their requirements.