Creativity in Daily Writing (Age 14-17)

Course in Creativity in Daily Writing for 14-17 year olds

Course Description:

This course enhances creativity and develops writing skills in teenagers aged 14-18. Through a series of interactive sessions and practical exercises, students will learn techniques to stimulate their imagination and improve their daily writing habits. The course will consist of 12 sessions on weekends or twice a week, allowing participants to engage in creative writing activities while balancing their academic commitments.


Session 1: Introduction to Creativity in Writing

Session 2: Generating Ideas

Session 3: Crafting Engaging Characters

Session 4: Building Compelling Plots

Session 5: Creating Vivid Settings

Session 6: Dialogue and Voice

Session 7: Experimenting with Different Genres

Session 8: Exploring Poetry and Prose

Session 9: Editing and Revision

Session 10: Incorporating Feedback

Session 11: Creative Prompts and Challenges

Session 12: Culminating Project and Reflection

*The learner can select the entire course or specific modules based on their requirements.